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Default LoveNPeace

Real Name: NotRavi

How do you want to be called?: W/e you want ^^

In-Game Name: See above?

Age: 17

Location/Time Zone: CA/PST

How many hours do you play per day on average: Depends on the day? lol

Your characternames, classes, levels, builds, skills, WoE gears? I'm going to make a strip rogue for WoE =O Close Confine + Strip = L33T! (But I've never made a rogue before so xD more of a "new thing" for me)

Which WoE times/dates can you attend?
I can do my best to make Wednesdays(not entirely sure =[, probably not), but Saturdays should be fine! =D

Your RO history. Which guilds have you been in? Why not anymore?
Er, well I've been in a lot of random guilds in the past from Loki. But anyways, decided to come to Chaos and give it a shot =] Loki got boring =O

Why do you want to join Azure Breeze?
The forums ad looked nice o.O? Lol looks like a family-oriented guild.
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