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  1. Charlie
  2. Panda
  3. Panda
    03-25-2012 01:20 AM
    Chibi Haruko : Of course, I asked you before you
    Chibi Haruko : With the backpack how much is
    Peck Peck Fist : actually the back pack is urs
    Peck Peck Fist : either 154 baskets or
    Peck Peck Fist : a black devil mask
    Peck Peck Fist : ill deal back the backpack of co
    Chibi Haruko : I do not have a BDM..
    Peck Peck Fist : lol the story was
    Peck Peck Fist : it was with ur bf
    Peck Peck Fist : and he's taking forever to come
    Peck Peck Fist : if you do have a bf - u were calli
    ng him a retard
    Peck Peck Fist : u can check your mail
    Peck Peck Fist : i was really thinking "wow" cant
    be nice to anybody anymore
    Peck Peck Fist : in this game
    Chibi Haruko : This is so annoying, not you.
    Peck Peck Fist : how old is ur brother
    Chibi Haruko : If you were to keep the backpack
    how much is owed.
    Chibi Haruko : He's 14, going on 8.
    Peck Peck Fist : better watch over him. this is ju
    st a game
    Peck Peck Fist : if he did that to someone in real
    Peck Peck Fist : backpack is normally 65m-70
    Peck Peck Fist : if it was 70 - the gap is 130
    Chibi Haruko : 130mill. I'm gonna beat his ass. I
    can give you whats in my
    Chibi Haruko : storage, and whatever the cost is
    I can try to slowly buy game cards.
    Chibi Haruko : I'm not wealthy as far as ragnaro
    k goes.
    Peck Peck Fist : u know whats bugging me right
    Peck Peck Fist : i wanna be nice again but
    Peck Peck Fist : i just wanna know this story is f
    or real
    Chibi Haruko : This entire situation.
    Chibi Haruko : What story? This situation is bull
    Peck Peck Fist : i mean
    Peck Peck Fist : that ur the sister
    Peck Peck Fist : and ur brother is an ass
    Peck Peck Fist : sorry if its hard to 100% believe
    Peck Peck Fist : but i hope its true
    Chibi Haruko : My name is Rebecca Parker.
    Peck Peck Fist : dont give me ur name ><
    Peck Peck Fist : ur not supposed to do that eithe
    Chibi Haruko : I can give you my facebook, this i
    s my account.
    Chibi Haruko : I mean? I'm just trying to relate to
    you I'm sorry.
    Peck Peck Fist : lol just for kicks
    Peck Peck Fist : imma add u
    Peck Peck Fist : u sound nice
    Peck Peck Fist : lol
    Peck Peck Fist : which rebecca parker.. the UK o
    ne or the one without
    Chibi Haruko : I don't know about what to say or
    not say on here.
    Peck Peck Fist : a picture lol
    Chibi Haruko : I'm from Florida.
    Chibi Haruko : I have a picture petting a Kangar
    Peck Peck Fist : oh i think u have ur profile hidde
    Peck Peck Fist : search for a Cedric Tanedo
    Peck Peck Fist : and add me
    Chibi Haruko : Are you Asian?
    Peck Peck Fist : yup
    Peck Peck Fist : chinese
    Peck Peck Fist : but im in the philippines
    Peck Peck Fist : there should only be one perso
    n with that name
  4. Zodi
    01-06-2012 02:15 PM
    I saw and commented! :)
  5. Ruuie Ruu
    01-05-2012 08:33 PM
    Ruuie Ruu
    I got better links!
  6. Ruuie Ruu
    01-01-2012 12:38 PM
    Ruuie Ruu

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